What to expect from the course:

This is a broad scoped, time intensive process intended to further your growth as an educator in the virtual classroom and requires a graduate level approach in order to obtain certification.

  • The certification process will require a minimum of 4-5 months to complete.
  • A handbook will be provided as a resource guide, however, intensive research and analysis will be required for you to complete the writing components.
  • Candidates will submit an ePortfolio for evaluation which will include the following pieces: essays, literature reviews, video presentations, and detailed lesson plans, all culminating in a live classroom video.
  • Students will have one year after the date of purchase to complete the process.
  • Some of the topics to be covered are as follows:

  • Unit 1: Establishing Relationships in the Virtual Environment
  • Unit 2: Virtual Instruction
  • Unit 3: Differentiation in the Virtual Classroom
  • Unit 4: Managing Virtual Resources
  • Unit 5: Final Product: Your NVTA ePortolio
  • If you would like more information regarding the certification process you can learn more here.

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